Saturday, June 26, 2010

KitchenTable -pt.1-

A slab of nutty flavoured grilled beef
Juicy and tender slab of beef with sesame, crushed ground nuts and herbs. Go nuts.
- Slab of beef meat (of course!)
- A grip of crushed rushed ground nuts
- A grip of white sesame
- Garlic
- Black pepper
- 2 pinches of Salt
- 3 pinches of chopped dried Basil leaves

To cook:
- Rub salt, garlic, black pepper and basil on beef. Give it a few tenderlising punches before storing into the fridge for at least 3 hours.
- Take out from fridge, and press a layer of little bit basil and black pepper, then crushed nuts and sesame on one side.
- Put on a medium fire and heat pan, add butter on one spot (to keep it non stick, and a muah-licious fragrance)
- Grill the nutty side first. (3 minutes on each side for medium rear, or depending of thickness of beef)
- Enjoy.

Ps* Turn beef only once to lock up all the juices inside.

Fresh and appetising mushrooms stuffed with good veges and minced chicken.
- Fresh white/brown/portabella mushrooms (yes, its abit expensive and rare in Malaysia - can get in jusco)
- Carrot
- Garlic
- Celery
- Onion
- Minced Chicken
- Bread crumbs/Flour as sticking agents
- Chicken cube (knorr's or maggi brand?)
- Osyter sauce

To cook:
- Dig the mushrooms and form a shell.
- Mix carrot, garlic, onions, chicken, celery, chicken cube and a little osyter sauce. Add abit bread crumbs or flour to make a lumpy/sticky mixture. (you can add the mushroom stuffings too to avoid wastage, or boil soup with it)
- Stuff mixture gently but firmly into mushrooms.
- Heat pan and lightly coat with butter.
- Grill the filling side first for 1-2 minutes and grill the other side till golden brown.
- Enjoy.

Tomato and rice (risotto styled)**
Moist and flavourful rissoto style cooked rice in pots of tomato. Serve them grilled.

- Uncooked rice
- Tomato
- Garlic
- Onion
- Carrot
- Chicken stock (equal amout of stock needed to cook your rice, usually 1 scoop of rice to 2-3 scoops of water - look at the description of your rice)
- Pepper
- One teaspoon of Soy sauce

To cook:
- Cut the top of tomato and empty it to form a pot.
- Mash the tomato filling and remove the meat.
- Mix carrot, onion, chicken stock, soy sauce to the tomato puree.
- Heat up pan/pot and add butter and garlic. Stir fry garlic and rice for about 1-2 minutes (or till rice turns solid whitish)
- Add quarter of tomato mixture and boil till lumpy.
- Add another quarter and boil till lumpy. Turn fire to medium low and continue add and start stiring til rice is moist and cooked. Add pepper.
- Fill rice into tomato "pot" and baked for 15 minutes on 200 degrees celcius (warm ur stove 10 minutes first)
- Take it out, dress with black pepper and parsley.
- Enjoy.

PS* Mix 1 cube of chicken cube to 1 liter of water for chicken stock. Also, keep on stiring at the end to avoid rice setting at the bottom or you'll have some trouble fun cleaning the pot.

**Chef's favourite

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